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  • Sounds arise from nothing and return to nothing, but they persist in our memory, our flesh and our soul forever - Daniele Bogon

    Daniele Bogon joins Slowcraft with a brightly lit electronic work provoking visceral, intense impressions. Del Suono e Della Luce is now available in the new postal style CDr edition from our Bandcamp and digitally across all the usual platforms. Headphone Commute are calling it one of those treasures you simply must have and it's already been awarded album of the week over at the esteemed Music Won't Save You. Secure your copy here.

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  • SR33 | Daniel Bogon - Del Suono e Della Luce | CDr + Digital | 03/02/22 |
    SR32 | Tomáš Šenkyřík - Hajú | CDr + Digital | 02/12/22
    SR31 | Mike Lazarev - When You Are | CD + Digital | 01/07/22
    SR28 | Anne Garner - Dear Unknown | CD + Digital | 01/04/22
    SR27 | Landtitles - Your Voice In Pieces | CD + Digital | 02/04/21
    SR26 | Francis M. Gri - The Ropes | Digital | 04/12/20
    SR25 | An Moku & Stijn Hüwels - Where We Meet | Digital | 06/11/20
    SR24 | Mathieu Karsenti - Bygones | Digital | 02/10/20
    SR23 | Ian Hawgood - Peace Fragments | Digital | 04/09/20
    SR22 | Tomáš Šenkyřík - Fond | Digital | 19/06/20
    SR20 | Federico Mosconi - Il Tempo Della Nostra Estate | Digital | 01/05/20
    SR18 | James Murray - Embrace Storms | CD + LP + Digital | 09/11/19
    SR15 | Gri + Mosconi - Between Ocean and Sky | CD + Digital | 30/11/18
    SR14 | Anne Garner - Lost Play | CD + Digital | 08/06/18
    SR13 | Neotropic - The Absolute Elsewhere | CD + Digital | 20/07/18

    This is a selection of recent releases, discover the full discography.

  • Daniele Bogon Mike Lazarev Landtitles Francis M. Gri An Moku Stijn Hüwels Tomáš Šenkyřík Mathieu Karsenti Federico Mosconi Ian Hawgood Neotropic Alapastel Tetherdown James Murray Anne Garner
  • Slowcraft now offers analog and digital mastering services for artists and labels.

    Careful, sensitive mastering provides the assurance of experienced ears, effectively eliminates potential technical issues and affirms the essential character of your work.

    Reasonably priced at £15 per track and capped at £125 per album, allowing for up to three revisions. Audio will be prepared for your choice of format, please add £50 per additional format. Longer tracks, singles, EPs, compilations etc. priced by arrangement. Volume discounts may apply. Payment via Paypal or bank transfer upon approval.

    Get in touch to discuss your requirements here.

  • Slowcraft has been presenting carefully crafted cross-genre music since 2011. Initially focused on the work of Anne Garner and James Murray the roster opened out with the deluxe Presents series in 2018, followed by the Lifelines digital-only series in 2020.

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